About LUEY

About Entourage Entertainment and LetUsEnterTrainYou.com

Since 1993 Entourage Entertainment and Let Us Enter Train You (aka LUEY) has been an outlet for Murder Mystery, Scavenger Hunt, Interactive Entertainment, Team Building and Corporate Events.  We conceive, create, write and present 99% of our own programs, shows and events, so when you make the decision to contact us you are coming straight to the source. Whether it be for Team Building Games, Philanthropic Programs, Fund-Raisers, Scavenger Hunts, Musical Revues, Murder Mystery/Interactive Events, or Corporate Events Entourage will Enter-Train your team in every way possible!!! Not only will we do events in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia but we will also travel to other locations!

Larry Fecho, President of Entourage, has voluntarily elected to remain a small-sized business, to better serve the needs of our customers by offering easier customization of programs and providing a more concentrated hands-on approach. This allows us the ability to respond more quickly in every level of each personal business relationship that we fully share with our cherished client base.

At Entourage we are dedicated to helping our customers reach their Team Building Goals by the thorough creation of Team Programs, Ice Breaker Events and Lively Entertainments that give your team the ability to…

  • Break the ice
  • Foster productive work relationships
  • Encourage creative problem solving
  • Stimulate time management and prioritization skills
  • And allows co-workers to interact in a unique way that can’t transpire in the workplace and won’t happen at the cocktail party.

There are bigger companies out there, but they are unable to offer the time honored personalized service you will find at Entourage Entertainment and LetUsEnterTrainYou.com.

You’ll Love The Games We Play!!! Request a quote today!