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Digitial Camera Scavenger Hunt

The game begins at a rallying point when your PHOTO FACILITATOR will iris your co-workers in and expose them to the thumbnail rules of the team building event. Each team pans out and thus sets the aperture for a great day of photos, focus, and fun! We shutter at some of the crazy shots your teams might decide to take and we’re sure they’ll be in sharp contrast to each other!

Bachelorette Limo Scavenger Hunt

Gather up your teams of 6 to 8 friends per limo, stock it with plenty of fun beverages, set a meeting place and let the hunt begin! That’s all it takes to have one fun evening on the town and you get to decide how crazy you want to make it. You might be getting married in the morning, but you’ll be on the prowl tonight! Each team gets a stretch limousine, a clue package, digital cameras, and three hours of party hearty time. All you have to do is run all around the town jumping in and out of the limo, while taking crazy photos, cavorting with strange men and women and laughing your butt off the entire evening! You can act as adult as you like or carry on like a wild party animal. It’s up to you and your friends to decide which direction this party needs to take!

C.C.S.I. Scavenger Hunt Adventure

We’ve taken our immensely popular CORPORATE CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION TEAM GAME and now made it into an intensely fun SCAVENGER HUNT!!! In this unique, hands-on, action packed scavenger hunt your guests will set out on a race against time to seek out the suspects that are hiding out in various locations throughout the designated CRIME SCENE AREA. The suspect’s locations will be revealed by deciphering a series of CRIME SCENE CLUES AND DECODER PUZZLES. Then through questioning, fingerprint lifting, suspect identifying and investigative speculation you will begin to determine the who’s, what’s, when’s and why’s of this uniquely designed scavenger hunt!

Spy Hunt

Spy Hunt

Mystery and Intrigue, that’s what you get when you plan Spy Hunt – Mission Accomplished for your next corporate training event. Your teams will move to various destinations by following clues, deciphering puzzles and receiving information via other secret agents. Teams receive a “Top Secret” attaché portfolio providing them with all they need to seal the deal. Spy Hunt can be used for icebreaker purposes, team building, sight-seeing or corporate training. Whatever your Mission, should you decide to accept it, we guarantee that your participants will have a Spy-Licious time!