The nation’s most prestigious espionage training academy, SPY UNIVERSITY is training the next class of recruits and your TEAM is going to the head of the class!!!


>Your group is divided into teams representing high-level intelligence organizations from around the world.

>The Headmaster of Spy U. briefs your teams on the objective of their mission.

>Next, each team is armed with a briefing package that includes everything they need to complete their challenges (things too tightly classified to mention here).

>Participants will break codes, follow clues, retrieve sensitive information and push their mental acuity – and their scruples – to the limit.

>Teams elect members to undertake certain missions based on personal strengths and skills. Some challenges require stealth and cunning; others call on creativity and imagination.


What really makes this Team Building Event TICK is that Teams are not stuck at a table for the entire event! SPY U is a free-flowing classroom.  Each Mini-Spy-Team can help at the Team Table by working on the Mental Challenges or go out into the field and take-on the Physical/Mental Challenges.  All Mini-Spy-Teams can try every challenge they wish and they can keep going back again and again to get the Best Score possible. Teams can break up into smaller Spy Groups to try their luck at the various Spy Tests around the room and then rendezvous back together to compare scores.  Various members of the Teams can try each Spy Test as many times as they wish, working to get the best score possible for their TEAM,

Team members will have the opportunity to do Agility Tests, take Target Practice, develop Memory Skills, and do Ultraviolet Light Finger Printing.

AGILITY TEST – OUTSIDE THE BOX – A large square box perimeter is positioned on the floor.  In the center of the square is a ping-pong ball on a tee.

SPY U immerses the group into a world of mystery and intrigue for the ultimate Team Building event! It is a wildly exciting step away from the day-to-day routine, filled with hilarious surprises. It promotes out-of-the-box thinking and right-brained ingenuity, because, after all, success as a high level international spy demands it!


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