Detective U

Detective U

The Team Building Private Investigators Event


This fun and challenging team building game gives your team all they need to go to the head of the class and graduate as Lead Detectives or Master Private I’s.

Your team will become specialists in criminal defense, surveillance techniques, finger print identification, blood sample quizzes, target practice, specialized agility tests and mystery solving.

Detective U. is a free-flowing classroom.  Each Mini-Investigation Tactical-Team can help at the Team Table by working on the Mental Trials and taking Police Academy Tests. Or, they have the option of going into the field and take-on the other Physical/Mental Trials that can be found at the various Challenge Stations set up in the vicinity.  All Mini-Tactical-Teams can try every challenge they wish and they can keep going back again and again to get the Best Score possible. Detective Academy gives your team the opportunity to work together and work apart allowing each team to move around the program at their own pace.

Thinking on your feet, out of the box decision-making techniques, time-management methods and listening and comprehension skills are all honed at the Detective U.  This is the final exam and each team goes up against each other to decide who will graduate with top honors and receive the best investigation field assignments and who will be saddled with the mundane desk jobs.

Detective U. has all the intrigue of a slick murder mystery, with all the challenging aspects of the best team events in the market place, all rolled into one truly fun team building game!


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