Murder Mystery, Scavenger Hunt, Cooking Party, the possiblities are endless for your next party!

Host a Murder In Your Home!
Have A Scavenger Hunt!
Enjoy A Tasty Cooking Party!

At Let Us Enter Train You, we have all kinds of fun team building events! But, I bet you don’t know we can do some really fun and affordable events for your dinner party, family picnic or smaller company event!  Especially, you are located in or near the Reading area.  You can host a Murder Mystery for 6 to 40 guests. Have you and your friends run around posing as spies in Spy Hunt! Take all kinds of crazy pics in a digital camera scavenger hunt or take part in a more traditional styled scavenger hunt as well! You could even have a Pizza Palooza Party where you break into teams and make gourmet pizzas for all to try and enjoy! The possibilities are endless at what you can do for your next party, your friends and family will love that you invited them to a fun filled night!  Call Larry Fecho at 610-780-7627 or email today and start planning your next party! So much fun, so little time!