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Murder Mystery, Scavenger Hunt, Cooking Party, the possiblities are endless for your next party!

Host a Murder In Your Home! Have A Scavenger Hunt! Enjoy A Tasty Cooking Party! At Let Us Enter Train You, we have all kinds of fun team building events! But, I bet you don’t know we can do some really fun and affordable events for your dinner party, family picnic or smaller company event!  Especially, […]

Team Building Programs, what’s in it for your company?

 Team Building Events Provide Great Success for Companies Team building events and programs are often overlooked, but they are essential to productivity within your business, small or large. With team building you have the opportunity to celebrate sales successes, to define your team or just get them to know each other in an entirely different […]

Fun and Tasty Team Building Food Event

The Crepe Crusader COOKING IS FUN!!! It’s even more fun when you are doing it with a group of your co-workers at a team building event! Let Us Enter Train You’s Team Cookery Events are truly a recipe for your success! We have several Team Cookery Events but this new one, The Crepe Crusader, is […]

Philanthropic Team Building and Scavenger Hunts

Team Building Events that will be sure to Entertain you! Philanthropic Team Building Events and Scavenger Hunts seem to be a very important choice for most corporations of late.  This kind of event allows the company to reap the many benefits received when having their co-workers participate in an off-site Team Building event, at the same time […]

Enter Into Our Imagination!

At Let Us Enter Train You your imagination and our imagination combined know no bounds! We can do just about anything your little heart desires or your creative mind can make up!  Like a human 3-D Copier we at Let Us Enter Train You can give YOU the exact version of what you are looking for […]

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