Genesius Theatre

The chronology of a little theatre that could. Formed in 1971 by Jane Simmon Miller, our little community theatre still thrives today all due to one woman's dream to change children's lives. Her mission continues to this day. Genesius is known well on Broadway. Jane's legend has no bounds.

“Jane Begins” June 1971

Jane starts Genesius Theatre with co-founder Michael O’Flaherty. They obtain a hole-in-the-wall building slated to be torn down. There was 3 inches of mud on the floor when they first entered the old John’s Bargain Store located at 711 Penn Street.

“A Grand Opening” September 1971,

Genesius Theatre opens with the Reading, Pennsylvania premier of the Jones and Schmidt classic, “The Fantasticks”. With a small troupe of kids and a dream, Genesius is an overnight smashing success. There are rougher days ahead for Genesius…”

“Overcoming Disaster” August 1973

The Redevelopment Authority of Reading, PA knocks a hole in the ceiling of Genesius with many of their belongings still in the building. Jane, Michael and the kids sift through the rubble to scavenge what they can. Jane’s determination will not let Genesius fail. ”

“A Second Chance” September 1974,

The late Jeanette and Musa Eways, who owned Mast Engineering and the local Pepsi Distributing Company donate a building they owned, the old Northeast Republican Club, at 10th and Walnut Streets in Reading, where Genesius remains today many, many years later.”


“An Eternally Legacy” April 19, 1975.

The guiding light of Genesius Theatre, Jane Simmon Miller, dies suddenly from a stroke. Faced with what would seem to be the end, Larry Fecho and Michael O’Flaherty make a one year pack to continue Jane’s mission. Their pack continues 39 years later.