Time Out Magazine says Genesius is resounding.
Rodgers and Hammerstein emotionally impactful and eloquent. 

  • “She named her company “Genesius” after the patron saint of actors, but community-theatre impresario Jane Simmon Miller was divine in a style all her own. In this new musical about her too-brief life, Jane was a tart-tongued, chain-smoking, sex-loving redhead with false eyelashes and a penchant for gold lame...part Maria von Trapp and part Tallulah Bankhead. Jane’s unflagging energy and knack for making misfit kids feel important help her theatre thrive, despite problems, even beyond her untimely death.

    The creators’ affection for their subject is palpable. Michael O’Flaherty has a talent for old-school show tunes…and L J Fecho brings warmth and color to his many characters.

    …when a show so resoundingly captures the unmitigated spunk of teenagers discovering the joys of the stage, it’s hard to resist it…”
    — TimeOutNewYork
  • “Genesius will be a joy for any lover of the theatre. This spirited new offering goes beyond the let’s-put-on-a-show backstage guts and glory story…L J Fecho’s book is often quite funny, but can also be poignant. ””
  • “gloriously theatrical and enormously appealing”
  • “…reaches for and achieves a genuine emotional response from the audience! Saint Jane was a mentor who mattered”
    — The Bethlehem Press
  • “Genesius‘ is a kind of backstage version of ‘How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying’. The difference here is everyone succeeds.””
    — The Parkland Press
  • “If you’re not doing anything tonight, go see ‘Genesius’. If you are doing something cancel those plans and see ‘Genesius’. “
    — The Northampton Press
  • “I really got emotionally involved with this show” I said to the person next to me, now this is a feel-good musical. I saw him wiping a tear. The music and story capture what is so wonderful about working with kids. The story left us with a very positive message that’s real and affirming. Very well done. The first couple of numbers drew me
    in and after a few, I was hooked.”
    — A Member Of The Audience
  • “I am writing to congratulate you on the extraordinary success I believe you have in Genesius the Musical. You know that we see a lot of new shows, but the eloquence, the emotional impact, the humor and the sheer melody of Genesius has all of us here R&H filled with more excitement than we've felt in a long, long time.” 

    — Bruce Pomahac, Director of Music at Rodgers and Hammerstein