Where Fun is Part of Everything

1. Where Fun is Part of Ever...

Whether it’s our Out-of-the-box Team Building Programs or our Interactive Entertainment, you and your guests will be talking about the good times they had with Entourage Entertainment and Letusentertrainyou. We can customize your...
Team Building

2. Team Building

Entourage Entertainment is has the best team building exercises around. Our events are not only great ice breaker events but they are also great for team development! We have a variety of team building programs that would be great for...
We’re Entertaining

3. We’re Entertaining

From Murder Mystery, to Casino Nights and Interactive Events you can’t go wrong! Our Murder Mystery events are hilariously funny! We provide you with amusement and enjoyment with any one of our Murder Mystery events. We are sure you...
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Game Show Mania

Game Show Mania

Where Ever People Gather For Serious Fun
It’s like A Minute To Win It… On Steroids!!!
Entourage Entertainment in partnership with
DMK Sound Productions

The Game

The Game

THE ULTIMATE ICEBREAKER!!! The Game has unlimited possibilities and offers you something new, educational and fun for your next team building event. The Game is a 12 foot by 12 foot vinyl game space that resembles a Monopoly board. Your group breaks into teams and becomes human games pieces moving around the board. Teams land on spaces that will have them playing many games which may include: Charades, Trivia, Balderdash and Pictionary, to name a few.

Trumped Out

Trumped Out

Our version of the popular TV Show “The Apprentice” is now available for your next team building event! Just like the TV show, teams are set up to do a specific task or tasks. Each team picks a project manager, creates their own team name, choreographs a team cheer and sets out to do their task as best as they can. Some tasks we offer the teams will be judged subjectively, other tasks involve a point system and still other tasks are based on the dollar amount of actual sales.

Drumming Circles — Livin’ in the Rhythm

Drumming Circles — Livin’ in...

Drumming Circles are a dynamic, interactive rhythm based program for groups of all ages, they are great for team building events and corporate events. Our facilitators will bring a wonderful selection of world drums and percussion instruments to your company or organization. Participants will experience team spirit at a powerful, tribal level and have a hands-on opportunity to feel the power of “Team Synchronicity” as they encounter the essential aspects of unified play.

Corporate Survivors – The Game of ...

Fashioned after the hit reality show your co-workers will be put to the test, not only to survive the game, but too survive each other. Through a series of fun and challenging tasks that range from the silly to the intense, each team will work together to match their skills against the other groups. There are PHYSICAL, CREATIVE and MENTAL challenges that each team will take part in as they compete to get the highest scores in all categories. The game is played in several rounds. Teams will square off against each other for certain tasks and will also perform individual tasks to obtain points.

C.G.S.I. Corporate Green Scene Investiga...

Here’s your chance to be just like Grissom, Willows, Stokes and Captain Brass and take on your own specially designed team building CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION just like the forensic experts do on that very popular TV show. In this unique, hands-on, action packed and intensely fun team building game your co-workers, guests, clients and friends will have a “Forensic Fest,” as they set out on a race against time to figure out the who’s, what’s, when’s and why’s of your specially designed CORPORATE CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.

Bachelorette Limo Scavenger Hunt

Gather up your teams of 6 to 8 friends per limo, stock it with plenty of fun beverages, set a meeting place and let the hunt begin! That’s all it takes to have one fun evening on the town and you get to decide how crazy you want to make it. You might be getting married in the morning, but you’ll be on the prowl tonight! Each team gets a stretch limousine, a clue package, digital cameras, and three hours of party hearty time. All you have to do is run all around the town jumping in and out of the limo, while taking crazy photos, cavorting with strange men and women and laughing your butt off the entire evening! You can act as adult as you like or carry on like a wild party animal. It’s up to you and your friends to decide which direction this party needs to take!

C.C.S.I. Scavenger Hunt Adventure

We’ve taken our immensely popular CORPORATE CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION TEAM GAME and now made it into an intensely fun SCAVENGER HUNT!!! In this unique, hands-on, action packed scavenger hunt your guests will set out on a race against time to seek out the suspects that are hiding out in various locations throughout the designated CRIME SCENE AREA. The suspect’s locations will be revealed by deciphering a series of CRIME SCENE CLUES AND DECODER PUZZLES. Then through questioning, fingerprint lifting, suspect identifying and investigative speculation you will begin to determine the who’s, what’s, when’s and why’s of this uniquely designed scavenger hunt!

Spy Hunt

Spy Hunt

Mystery and Intrigue, that’s what you get when you plan Spy Hunt – Mission Accomplished for your next corporate training event. Your teams will move to various destinations by following clues, deciphering puzzles and receiving information via other secret agents. Teams receive a “Top Secret” attaché portfolio providing them with all they need to seal the deal. Spy Hunt can be used for icebreaker purposes, team building, sight-seeing or corporate training. Whatever your Mission, should you decide to accept it, we guarantee that your participants will have a Spy-Licious time!

Way Off Track

The Case of the Golden Spike The 1860’s Train and Casino Murder Event   YEEEEEHAWWWW! Who stole “The Golden Spike”? You heard right. The coveted Golden Spike scheduled to be driven into the ground on May...
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SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERALawrence Fecho was the Artistic Director of Genesius Theatre, in Reading, PA, from 2006 to 2009 and is currently the Artistic Producer of Genesius, where he began his theatrical career at the age of twelve. By the time he graduated from high school, he had been involved in over 65 plays and musicals. Soon after that, he was hired as a staff-associate for the late Broadway producer, Alexander H. Cohen. During that season, he assisted on Hellzapoppin’, starring Jerry Lewis and Lynn Redgrave, Comedians, directed by Mike Nichols, and Anna Christie, starring John Lithgow, as well as the 1977 Antoinette Perry “Tony” Awards telecast on ABC.
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Rent an Actor or Actress

Jennifer Parker Scott and David Gold dressed up like people from the 1920's and handed it a special commemorative Hershey Bar celebrating the 95th Anniversary of D & H Distributing. We provided actors twice for their conference/exhibition in Hershey and Lancaster PA - June 2013!
At LetUsEnterTrainYou.com and Entourage Entertainment we have all shapes, sizes and looks of very TALENTED ACTORS who are willing to perform off-the-stage, as well as on!!! These actors can help you reach your goals and be truly successful with any promotional event, convention booth attraction, fundraiser, employee event or private party! The Sky is the Limit with RENT-an-ACTOR!!! Great Uses for Rent-an-Actor 1. Have a colorful character - handout flyers at your place of business! 2. Have costumed actors drive attendees to your convention booth! 3. Create a festive atmosphere at your restaurant, hotel or business establishment! 4. Have actors making fun with your guests at an annual dinner, company picnic, charitable fundraiser or private party! Our actors are skilled in interactive Murder Mystery Theater and are excellent at interacting and making fun with your patrons, guests, employees, attendees or customers. They are always fun and they are always professional!!! We have had actors dress up like characters from various decades, historical figures, and or film characters.
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